Shot Show Supplier Showcase


We are heading to Las Vegas, this January, for the 2022 Shot Show Supplier Showcase to display our high-caliber products and technologies that can lead to cost-savings and/or innovative breakthroughs for your business. This year, we will be 1 of 500+ suppliers there to provide solutions and partnerships. Don’t miss this huge opportunity to learn how we can help take your business to the next level.




Walther Trowal was founded in 1931 and has since been the leading specialist in surface technology. We are an innovative leader in the mass finishing marketplace, inventing a majority of the mass finishing equipment used today.  We have customers around the world from almost every sector of industry. We support them in areas like surface annealing, mass finishing, small parts coating, blasting, process water, automation and networking, workpiece cleaning and drying. Our durable, high-quality products are just one of the ingredients for our success. Ever since our foundation, we have also created modular, customized solutions that are tailored precisely to your needs and are constantly at the cutting edge of technology.

Our involvement in the firearms industry has been a relationship we have valued for decades. Learn more about the areas in which we currently support the industry as we as our products below:


Finishing of cartridges and bullets / projectiles

Walther Trowal provides equipment and process inputs for cartridge and bullet finishing from start to finish.  We can provide systems for cleaning, degreasing, pickling, descaling and passivation of cartridges.  We can (and have) provided systems to provide all steps to large volume ammunition manufactuers.

Our systems may also be used for the cleaning and degreasing of primer cups, as well as pickling, passivation, and final cleaning.Bullets/projectiles may be ground, deburred, polished, et cetera in our vibratory bowls for both functional and aesthetic purposes.  Lead and steel cores may be processed for deburring, scale removal, and radiusing.

Finishing of firearm components

Nearly all firearm components can be finished in our equipment.  Deburring, edge break and coating preparation can be done on rails, frames, slides, upper/lower forgings, raw forgings, etc.  Fine finishing, including high-luster final polish can be done on barrels, slides, frames, cylinders… anything needed.

Finishing of forged components

Finishing of rough forgings for deburring, edge break, removal of parting lines and cleaning can be accomplished with our in-line trough systems, our THM shotblast system, or more traditional bowls and tubs.

Coating of lead and steel pellets for color identification

Our Rotamat coating system can provide functional coatings on a wide variety of small parts.  This system is currently in use to provide color identification on various shot size, but could also be used on small parts used in fire control groups, springs, screws and others.


Media & Consumables

Not only do we build our own machines we manufacture our own media and process inputs. Our ceramic media plant, in the United Kingdom, produces some of the best quality ceramic finishing media in the industry and is sold all around the world.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Germany produces premium plastic media and liquid/powder compounds and flocculants for customers worldwide.

Each plant spends countless hours evaluating these products to enhance the quality and design to better suit customer needs. As new challenges and innovations arise, such as additive manufacturing, our engineers and chemists are working together to provide solutions.


Walther Trowal is an industry leader in supplying equipment and process to arms manufacturers around the world.  Our US tech canter and development lab also has an FFL to transfer components in and out for test trials and process development. Walther Trowal has only scratched the surface of all the possible solutions that can be offered to the firearm industry. We hope to learn more about the wants and needs of this industry and how our innovative technology can assist. Please contact us for information, a quote, or to run free-of-charge test trials.

We are happy to sign any NDA’s if necessary. Contact Walther Trowal by phone at 616.455.8940 or by email at


See you at the show!

Test Lab Service Requests


Are you looking for the perfect way to process or coat your workpieces? We will be happy to support you here with our expert knowledge. Based on your workpieces and a special question sheet, we can develop the right processing system in our test labs.